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Photos from Roseau

570 photographs from Roseau, the capital of Dominica.

Bay Front Bay Front (51 pictures)

Bay Front is the façade of Roseau to the Caribbean Sea.

French Quarter French Quarter (35 pictures)

French Quarter is the oldest part of Roseau downtown.

Central Roseau City Centre (47 pictures)

Roseau City Centre is known for its miniature scale and old wooden buildings.

Pound and Lagon Northern Downtown (55 pictures)

Downtown reaches north in the areas of Pound and Lagon.

Southern Downtown Southern Downtown (50 pictures)

Southern parts of the downtown have many churches, library and the the parliament.

Botanical Gardens Botanical Gardens (55 pictures)

The Botanical Gardens provide an extensive green space at the edge of Central Roseau.

Newtown Newtown and Castle Comfort (53 pictures)

Newtown is an old district in the southern part of Roseau. Castle Comfort has many hotels and suburban housing.

Pottersville Pottersville ja Woodbridge Bay (45 pictures)

Pottersville is an old district on the northern side of Roseau River. Woodbridge Bay is the deepwater harbour of Roseau.

Goodwill Goodwill (54 pictures)

Goodwill is a large suburb area which is built on the hillside.

Goodwill Upper Goodwill (42 pictures)

The higher up the hill one climbs the more fancy housing one finds in Goodwill.

Bath Estate Bath Estate (55 pictures)

Bath Estate is a relatively new suburb in the valley of Roseau River.

ExtraExtra pictures (27 pictures)

Some pictures that didn't fit to other photo pages (mostly from Bath Estate and the Botanical Gardens).

» My Dominica pictures
include photopages of some places in the vicinity of Roseau such as Morne Bruce viewpoint and the suburbs of Canefield and Wallhouse.

There are also images of other places in Dominica including the town of Portsmouth, the Carib Territory as well as many different villages and natural sites.

Roseau photographs (and most of Dominica ones) are taken by Niko Lipsanen (NL) in November and December, 2007.