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Bay Front

Bay Front is the façace of Roseau. The new Bay Front with sea defence wall and a seaside boulevard was built in 1993. Dame Mary Eugenia Charles Boulevard is named after late prime minister of Dominica. General Post Office, Dominica High Court and Dominica Museum are located at the Bay Front as well as Garraway and Fort Young hotels and many other buildings.

Roseau Cruise Ship Berth is also located at the Bay Front. Moreover, there is a smaller jetty mainly used by catamarans connecting Dominica to the neighbouring French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Roseau New Market is located in the northwestern corner of Bay Front. This page has pictures also from the market area and its surroundings.

Eugenia Charles Boulevard Bay Front Garraway Hotel Fort Young Hotel Roseau Cruise Ship Berth

Royal Bank of Canada Duty Free Emporium Tourists Vendors Dry fountain

Cartwheel Café High Court of Justice Cocorico Café Cocorico and Top Shottaz Bar Post Office

Kennedy Avenue Safe Haven Real Estate L'Express des îles Roseau passenger port Roseau City Council

Dominica Export Import Agency Ship Street Sea Princess Cruise Ship Berth Emerald Princess

MS Noordam MS Explorer of the Seas Carnival Destiny Black smoke MS Legend of the Seas

Roseau fish harbour Fishery and Barracoon View from the sea Mouth of Roseau River Market from the sea

New Market New Market (2) New Market (3) Fish Market Riverfront stalls

Sidewalk Garden Long Lane and Ship Street Flossie's Supermarket Hanover Street Kentucky Fried Chicken

Ship Street and Hanover Street Garraway Hotel and the Cruise Ship Berth Top Shottaz Bar at night Cruise ship leaving Legend of the Seas

Jetty at night


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Roseau photographs of this site are taken by Niko Lipsanen. The pictures on this page are taken in November and December, 2007. Older images (taken in 1999 and 1993) can be found at the old Roseau Photo Gallery.

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