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Northern Downtown

In northern parts of Roseau Downtown the blocks are bigger than in the centre. The cityscape, however, is still quite varied.

The area called here 'Northern Downtown' covers the quarters known as Pound and Lagon. Their exact borders, however, remain unknown to me. Moreover, there are pictures from River Street and Windsor Park areas. The latter is now mostly covered by Dominica's new cricket stadium.

Roseau Downtown Pound Independence Arch Pavillions Roseau River

Bus Station E.C. Loblack Bridge Bus Station (2) Arch and river Stadium at night

Small street River Street Jamdown and Favours River Street and Kings Lane River Street (2)

River Street (3) Lane by the river The Globe Independence Street Independence Street and Hillsborough Street

Frontline Sukie's Bread Perky's Pizza Independence Street and Cork Street Jean Rhys house

Street garden Astaphan Shopping Centre Police Headquarters Cricket Stadium Bath Road and Kennedy Avenue

Financial Centre Financial Centre (2) Government Headquarters Arawak House of Culture Kennedy Avenue

Parked cars Government Headquarters (2) Treasury Hillsborough Street Pre-School

Ma Bass Central Guesthouse Downtown roofs Temple Advertising Industries Fields Lane Upper Lane and Kings Lane

Music, Games & Levi's Maycourt House Lucky Center Roseau Christian Union Church Jays Bookstore

Upper Lane Davo's Grocery Upper Lane (2) Windsor Park Stadium Dominica Grammar School

There were too many pictures for this page. Therefore three photographs from the area are instead at extra photos page.


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Roseau photographs of this site are taken by Niko Lipsanen. The pictures on this page are taken in November and December, 2007. Older images (taken in 1999 and 1993) can be found at the old Roseau Photo Gallery.

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