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Southern Downtown

Southern parts of Roseau Downtown are home to many important churches. The biggest one is the Roman Catholic Cathedral but also the Methodist and Anglican churches are located in the area.

But it is not only churches and cemeteries. The area has many other important buildings too and many people also live there.

In the south, downtown area borders with the suburb of Newtown. The public library, House of Assembly building and State House (former Governor's Residence) are located on the hill between them. Fort Young, a historical fort now converted into a hotel, is also on the same hill.

Southern Downtown Cathedral Altar Cathedral (2) Cathedral (3)

Cathedral (4) Cemetery Infirmary School and other buildings Houses next to each other

Virgin Lane Bishop's residence Virgin Lane (2) Virgin Lane (3) Virgin Lane (4)

Cross Street Bethesda Methodist Church Wesley High School Burton & Co. Castle Street and Church Street

West Indies Castle Street Cenotaph Roundabout Fort Young Hotel

Fort Young Hotel (2) Library Library (2) Library Gardens House of Assembly

House of Assembly (2) State House Flamboyant tree Anglican Church Anglican Church (2)

Anglican Church (3) Turkey Lane Turkey Lane (2) Independence Street and Turkey Lane Independence Street

St. Martin School School sign St. Martin School (2) Independence Street (2) Bath Road and Independence Street

Bath Road Bath Road (2) Bath Road (3) Flowers Bath Road (4)


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Roseau photographs of this site are taken by Niko Lipsanen. The pictures on this page are taken in November and December, 2007. Older images (taken in 1999 and 1993) can be found at the old Roseau Photo Gallery.

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  11. Bath Estate (55)

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