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Pottersville and Woodbridge Bay

Pottersville (or Potter's Ville) is another old suburb of Roseau. Like Newtown, it is an old fishermen's community. Pottersville is located on the northern side of Roseau River, opposite to the city centre.

The district is named after Potter family who used to own the land before. It has also been called with names such as L'Autre Bord (Lodbor) and Ballahoo Town.

North from Pottersville, there is the Woodbridge Bay deepwater harbour. The port serves mostly cargo traffic but receives cruise ships when the cruise ship berth at the Bay Front is not available.

Potter's Ville From the sea From the sea (2) Roseau River E.C. Loblack Bridge

Blocks of flats Seventh Day Adventists St. John's Avenue Piveteau Street Piveteau Street (2)

Piveteau Street (3) Goodwill Road Goodwill Road (2) Goodwill Road (3) Scotland Lane

CATS Internet Café Pepper's Cottage Bethelmie's Carpet Supply Streetview Crossroads

Crossroads (2) Goodwill Road (4) Steber Street Steber Street (2) St. Alphonsus Pre-School

In front of the church Potter Street Potter Street (2) Goodwill Road (5) Goodwill Road (6)

Public convenience Fishing vessel Elite Goodwilli Church Pottersville Savannah

Goodwill Secondary School Bus stop Goodwill Road (7) The Sign Man Woodbridge Bay

Ocean Village Two Woodbridge Bay (2) Food stalls Fond Cole Fond Cole and Woodbridge Bay


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Roseau photographs of this site are taken by Niko Lipsanen. The pictures on this page are taken in November and December, 2007. Older images (taken in 1999 and 1993) can be found at the old Roseau Photo Gallery.

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