Le Moule

After return from Dominica we didn't stay at Pointe-à-Pitre but took a bus to the town of Le Moule. It was the first visit there for both of us.

Le Moule is an old town on the northeast coast of Grande-Terre and it was the main port of Guadeloupe before the growth of Pointe-à-Pitre. The distillery of the famous Damoiseau rum is located close to the town.

On our second day at Le Moule we would have liked to spend some time on the beach but unfortunately the day was a bit too rainy for that.

In the evening we returned to Pole Caraïbes airport and took a night flight to Paris.

Central square Central square (2) Town Hall Town Hall (2) Basketball field

Basketball field (2) Mari Church Steeple Cock on the cross

Street view Post office Street view (2) Street corner Boulevard Rougé

Street view (3) Centre Culturel Robert Loyson Boulevard Rougé (2) Family Shop Shore

Room Balcony kitchen Sea view Rue Achille René Boisneuf Rue Achille René Boisneuf (2)

Crossroads Cemetery Crucifix Ruins of lemonade factory Ruins of lemonade factory (2)

Ruins of lemonade factory (3) Houses on the shore Panorama L'Autre Bord L'Autre Bord (2)

L'Autre Bord (3) L'Autre Bord (4) Audoin river L'Autre Bord (5) L'Autre Bord (6)

École Lydia Galleron Driving school Old harbour


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