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The village of Soufrière is located in a beautiful place on the shore of Soufrière Bay. It has got its name for the sulphur springs which are plenty in its vicinity.

Volcanic activity continues underwater. A nearby Champagne spring attracts many divers. Soufrière Bay is a marine reserve and a popular diving site. Nevertheless, we did not visit any underwater attractions as there was plenty things to see on land too.

Name of the village is locally often spelled without the grave accent ('Soufriere').

Soufrière view Soufrière Bay Soufrière beach Gallette Seaside Cottages Church

Church (2) Church (3) Side altar Church road Dieu Donné

Scottshead road Village and mountains Road and houses Cool Breeze Shop Upper part of the village

Houses in the valley Sulphur springs Ruins Road and ruins Mountain

Morne Patates Estate Trespassers will be prosecuted Cocoa tree


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