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Portsmouth is the second town of Dominica. Since its excellent natural harbour, it would probably be the capital unless being too unhealthy living environment for Europeans in the past due to surrounding wetlands. The health problem has since disappeared but the capital is now firmly established in Roseau.

Portsmouth is nevertheless a busy small town with many interesting sites and great beaches in the vicinity.

The town experienced some damage in an earthquake at 2004. For instance, the church collapsed. Due to lack of funds, new one has not yet been constructed.

Burrow's Square Shipwreck Shipwrecks It's Right! Restaurant Bus station

Douglas Guest House Balcony view Arbeedee Cinema Police station Bay Street

Computer Resource Center Streetview Street and houses Trini's Bar Street and park

Benjamin's Park Seating and street Lacoste boutique Sandra's Delights Sunny Bay Street

Streetview (2) Rain Blue restaurant Niko Houses

Michael Douglas Boulevard Kit Nix Ice Cream Parlour & Foods Dog Store Bizarre house

Shortcut alley Ramshackle houses Just Desserts and Catering Ltd. Site of the church St. John's Catholic School


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