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Indian River

Indian River is one of the most popular touristic sites in Dominica. It is located just next to Portsmouth, to the south from town.

One needs to take a guide who rows a boat up the river. You can expect to see some mangrove swamps, mang trees and beautiful forest views on the riversides. There is a rum bar up in the river where a small pause is held before returning back.

The boat trip should also include a visit to some of the tributaries of the river, one of which has been a filming location for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 movie.

The river has got its name after Kalinago (Carib) Indians who used to have a village on its bank. When European came with their ships to the bay, the Indians used the river to come there by their canoes.

Jetty Boats Bridge under construction Mangrove Palm trees

River River (2) Bwa mang James Bond Fish

Mang trees Rum bar Traveller's tree Garden Bar in the garden

Upstream Rum bar jetty Czech tourists Trees by the river Railway

River (3) Coconut Palm Pirates of the Caribbean filming location Tourists Under the bridge


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