Cabrits National Park

Cabrits headland is located between Prince Rupert Bay to the south and Douglas Bay to the north. Cabrits National Park is located on the headland and includes both terrestrial and marine nature. It is an interesting combination of historical garrison and fortification site and nature.

The most important historical site of Cabrits is Fort Shirley. The fort has been partially renovated in recent years. Next to the garrison, there is a cruise ship berth that – although not as popular as the one in Roseau – attracts particularly some smaller cruise ships.

Cabrits has got its name due to goats (cabras in Spanish) that were left there by sailors who used them as a source of fresh meat when visiting Prince Rupert Bay. Later the people have started to call the twin hills of the headland as 'West Cabrit' and 'East Cabrit'.

Cabrits hills Fort Shirley Azamara Quest Cruise Ship Berth Main Gate

Fort Shirley (2) Fort Shirley (3) Palm alley Troops' barracks Mari on a cannon

Ordnance Store Powder Magazine Gate Officers' Quarters Tree

Officers' Quarters (2) Officers' Quarters (3) 8th West India Regiment Prince Rupert Bay Lower Battery

Upper Battery Stairs Kitchen Silk Cotton Tree Signposts

Shortleaf Fig Ruins in the forest Tunnel Trail Trail (2)

Commandant's Quarters Commandant's Quarters (2) Lizard Terminal Car rental


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