Syndicate is a cultivated area in the middle of rain forest. It is located on the foothills of Morne Diablotins, the highest peak of Dominica, south from the town of Portsmouth. Syndicate Falls, also called the Milton Falls, are located in the area.

Syndicate is one of the few places to see Dominica's endemic Sisserou parrot (Amazona imperialis) in wild. We did see a glimpse of one when it flew over us, but it was too quick and too far away to take a picture.

We visited Syndicate with an old friend of mine, Randolph Williams. He currently makes guided tours there and to other places around Dominica through his company, Randolph Tours & Taxi Services.

Inside the bus Randolph's bus Mr. Abie Coffee beans Rusty something

Water Supply Tourists Cultivation on a slope Mountains Bananas

Papaya Tree Randolph Syndicate River Another river crossing

Crab Syndicate Falls Return Water from the river Termite nest

Guava Cocoa beans Sun is shining


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