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Vieille Case

Vieille Case village is located in the north of Dominica, not far from Pennville.

When Europeans first settled in the area, they lived there together with the Kalinagos (Carib Indians). Name of the village most probably comes from the old Kalinago karbays. The current villagers are mixed descendants of the Kalinagos, the French settlers and the African slaves that were imported in the area.

Name of the village is sometimes spelled as Vielle-Case. The Kalinago name for the area is Itassi.

Mountains Road Shed Celestin River Brenner River

Aouya River Houses on the ridge Vieille Case Children Downhill

Blue house Autrou Bay Shed (2) Balthazar River Cow

Faith Centre Village road Cemetery Ruins Itassi City

Cape Coton Au Parc


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