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Kalinago Barana Autê

Kalinago Barana Autê means 'Kalinago Cultural Village by the sea'. It is also called the 'Carib Model Village'. Basically, it is a touristic sight with traditional Kalinago huts and other things related to the Kalinago, or Island Carib, culture.

To visit the village, one has to take a guided tour. A local Kalinago guide will show the buildings and tell about the Kalinago culture. The site also has a small exhibition hall, a café, and few souvenir boutiques.

Road sign Gate Exhibition hall Canoe Stone road

Carbet Carbet roof Karbay Plant Another plant

Mwina Guide Ajoupa Cassava Atlantic Ocean

Mwina hut Trail Leaves Canoe and ajoupa Carib huts

Isulukati Waterfall Mari Crayfish River Tropical almond Trail and bridge

Niko Ocean Noni Lawn square Juice and cake

Souvenir boutique Carib handicrafts Pineapple Ride up to the road


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