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Saint Sauveur

Saint Sauveur is a small fishing community on the east coast of Dominica. It is located by Grand Marigot Bay which is – thanks to coral reefs – more protected than most of the other bays on the Atlantic coast of Dominica.

The village itself is rather small but it has an old church as well as a primary school that serve also the neighbouring villages.

Name of the village is often written in Creole way as San Sauveur.

Grand Marigot Bay Houses on the shore School by the river Saint Sauveur River Saint Sauveur River (2)

Church Jesus Christ Church (2) Mari Snackette

School buildings School buildings (2) School Road and houses Warehouses

Atlantic oceanside Fishery Fishery (2) Garbage on the shore Grand Marigot Bay (2)

Houses on the slope School children School boys Boys Cow


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