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Petite Soufrière

Petite Soufrière is a small village on the east coast of Dominica. The name is misleading as it suggests that there would be some sulphur springs in the village or in its vicinity. That is not, however, the case, although there are many sulphur springs in the other parts of the island.

The road from Castle Bruce to south ends at Petite Soufrière. The two kilometres between it and Rosalie is the last part of Dominica's east coast that is still lacking a motorable road. Hence, we took a trail around Roche Marqué cape to get to Rosalie.

Name of the village is often spelled without stress as Petite Soufriere.

First pictures of this page are from the village itself:

Drying laundry Ruined houses Crête Balisiers Pointe à Peine Village council

Coach Road Fond Bleu Fond Bleu (2) Store

Cottages and ocean Curve on the road Green house Turn Petite Soufrière Bay

Dirt road Mari and houses Trail begins Steep slope Valley

Rest of the photos are from the trail connecting the villages of Petite Soufrière and Rosalie to each other:

Atlantic Ocean Ravine Mahaut Trail Roche Marqué Rugged shoreline

River shower Ravine Louis Mari and trail Rosalie Bay Vertical cliff

Pause Sal Pan End of the trail Rosalie Bay (2)


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