La Plaine and the East Coast

La Plaine is one of the bigger villages on the east coast of Dominica. We didn't explore it thoroughly, however, but only visited there briefly on our way to nearby waterfalls.

La Plaine bus stop La Plaine La Plaine (2) La Plaine (3) Blue wooden house

We visited the Sari-Sari waterfall near La Plaine:

Dasheen field Crossing the river Ford Guide Sari-Sari River

Sari-Sari Falls Sari-Sari waterfall Sari-Sari pool Mari swimming Stairs

Slippery trail Trail

Later, when driving around the island by car, we stopped at a colourful cottage with curious-looking works of art in its garden near La Plaine.

Colourful cottage on the shore Cottage and a hammock Cottage and sculptures Angus Sculpture

Atlantic waves Palm tree on the shore Starving dog

Rest of the photos are from the east coast of Dominica between La Plaine and Rosalie.

S and S Filling Station Gas station Morne Jaune Morne Jaune (2) Mari

Morne aux Fregattes Rivière Cyrique Rivière Ciriques


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