Boulevards of Moscow and the riverside

We spent the day by walking the streets of Moscow. Hanne had been there before but for me it was the first time. We walked by the boulevards to Moskva (Moscow) river and followed the riverside to the Kremlin.

Nikitsky boulevard Chapel of Boris and Gleb Arbat Square Statue of Nikolay Gogol Gogol's Boulevard

Michail Sholokhov monument Michail Sholokhov in the boat Horses swimming Hanne Paintings

Two chairs Kropotniskaya metro station Shopping gallery Metro station sign Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

Park next to the Cathedral Statue of Alexander II Prechistenskaya Embankment Car wash below the church Pigeons

Wooden chapel Patriarshy Bridge Top of the bridge Monument of Peter I Peter I monument again

Moskva river and Kremlin River boat Sophia Church Moskva river and Playstation 3 Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building

The Kremlin Red Square Kazan Cathedral and the GUM Nikolskaya Tower Tower of Kremlin

Borovistskaya Tower Soldiers Soldiers marching Broken car Trolleybus

We also visited some parts of the city on the right bank of river Moskva ».


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