Right bank of river Moskva

We met our friend Oleg whom we knew via Hospitality Club. He had been Hanne's guest in Helsinki. We went to Yolki Palki restaurant to have a dinner and walked for while on the southern (right) side of Moskva river near Tretyakovskaya metro station and on Balchug Island.

Metro station Oleg and Hanne Church Name of the street Lavrushinsky pedestrian street

Vodootvotny Canal Oleg and Hanne Padlocks on the bridge Padlock tree Bolotnaya Square

I visited the same area again in the next day. Rest of the photos are taken on that second visit.

Bolotnaya Square park Luzhkov Bridge Red carpets on the bridge Statue Stone

Lavrushinsky street End of Lavrushinsky street Square Fountain The State Tretyakov Gallery

Tretyakovskaya Gallery

In the following day, I mostly walked in the city centre of Moscow ».


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