Central parts of Moscow

On Friday (June 8th), Hanne wanted to go to the State Tretyakov Gallery with Oleg. I preferred to have a walk in the city. So Hanne went with Oleg to gallery and I stayed in the centre. I walked to Tverskaya street and bought an Atlas of Russia from a bookstore. Then I walked to Lubyanka Square and back to Manege Square near Kremlin.

The first three photos of the set are, however, taken already on Thursday evening when I was in the centre with Oleg and Hanne.

Borovistskaya Tower Young people Manege of Moscow Metro station hall Metro Teatralnaya

Ohotnyi Ryad shopping centre State Historical Museum Tverskaya street Yuri Dolgoruki statue Lenin

Tverskaya Square Mayor's residence Kamergersky street Kamergersky pereulok Name of the street

Kuznetsky most Kuznetsky most shopping street Moscow Art Hall Bank Moskvy Bolshaya Lubjanka street

Vorovskogo Square Lubyanka Square FSB headquarters Soviet Porsche Building under renovation

Resurrection Gate View to Red Square Zhukov equestrian statue Terraces at the Manege Square Manege Square canal

Bear statue Fountains Lizard man Pedestrian alley Fountains of the Manege Square

From Manege Square I headed toward Tretyakov Gallery to meet Hanne. Photos from there (the southern bank of river Moskva) are in the previous set where I have some other photographs from the same area.

For the evening we returned to our host Natasha. There we were going to spend evening with some Russians and leave Moscow » at the morning.


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