From Balabanovo we came by bus to Borovsk which is a small but historical town. It has about 12 thousand inhabitants but is known to exist at least since the 13th century. The famous Pafnutiyev monastery (of Saint Paphnutius) is close to the town but we didn't visit there this time. We walked in the town and watched its beautiful old buildings and many murals.

Bus in Borovsk Main street Fašade of the market quarter Inside the business quarter Market quarter

Mural Cat Cars and Lenin Bus station Downward road

Laundry Decayed church Lower parts of the town Downhill Valley

Dog & Hanne Aftoservis Start House by the road Windows House

Industrial building Village road Window Back to the centre Park

Hanne at the well Same dog again Soldiers' graves World War II memorial Central square of Borovsk

Borovsk church Mural Niko taking a photograph Missile Road down

Mirrors Tree and houses One dog Another dog Third dog

Street view Hanne sitting Borovsk town hall Eko-Laif Two murals

One more mural Some local businesses Girl at the grocery Old lady with a cat

Evening was coming and we had to find out means how to go on » from Borovsk.


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