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River Volga

On our second day in Kazan we made a trip to River Volga. We went to Kazan river port to find out the ferry schedules. Most of the ferries were going too far as we wanted to return to Kazan for the night. Finally we found one that only went to the opposite shore of the river and back.

Nevertheless, Volga is a big river. To cross it by ferry take almost half an hour. The ferry took us to the village of Studenets were we left the ferry for the time it was serving some other villages. We spent some time on the shore and took the same ferry back to Kazan.

Minibus and tramway Kazan river port Kazan harbour Riverside boulevard in Kazan Ferry in port

Niko tying shoestrings Harbour cranes Kazan harbour from the river Vessels More vessels

Man and boy Niko on board Hanne in the bow Barges Gulls follow the ferry

Russian flag Another ferry Verkhniy Uslon Verkhniy Uslon and Volga Studenets jetty

Studenets Ferry goes on Niko with the jetty Volga Hanne in the river

Small stones House on the hill Kazan is far away Studenets village Goats

Back to the ferry Russian man Ship and a gull Cruise ship The barges

Novotatarskaya Big storehouse Novotatarskaya harbour Hydrofoil boat Kazan harbour pavillion

In the following morning we continued our voyage to Mari El Republic ».


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