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Lagon and Douglas Bay

The area to the north from Portsmouth is called Lagon (not to be confused with a district with same name in Roseau). Lagon of Portsmouth is mainly a residential area with one of the finest beaches of Dominica, Purple Turtle Beach next to it.

On this page, there are also some pictures from Douglas Bay which is the next bay from Prince Rupert Bay to the north, behind Cabrits headland. Moreover, there are few photos from the area between the two bays.

The first images are from Lagon:

Lagon North River Drying laundry Houses in Lagon Road to Grange

Bus stop Anglican Church Cemetery Houses in Lagon (2) Houses in Lagon (3)

Lagon River Cost U Less Store Gutter Krazy Glue Mechanic Breadfruits

Next, there are some pictures from Purple Turtle Beach:

Track to the beach Purple Turtle and Grange Purple Turtle Beach Sunshiners House on the beach

Prince Rupert Bay Mari goes swimming Purple Turtle Beach Restaurant Lizard Palms and trees

Now few photos from the area between Purple Turtle and Douglas Bay, just next to the Cabrits headland:

Cabrits Maritime Training and Development Institute Road crossing Road to the north Cabrits National Park

The last images of this page are from Douglas Bay and its vicinity:

Douglas Bay Malalia Fisherman's boat Savane Paille Road to Penville


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